Eyevolver Designs’ CrossFish statuary provides strong visual appeal—people turn their heads as they pass or simply stop to reflect upon it. The intrigue of the rotating statue, presenting a different image from any angle, captures the imagination and attention of the viewer. To demonstrate how a finished project will dramatically impact passersby, Eyevolver artists imbed the CrossFish image into existing photographs of church (or business) grounds to provide a "conceptual rendering." Adding these digitized images to a planning session enables decision-makers to clearly visualize the power, scope and worth of the project, and they may also be useful during fundraising activities to support the building program.

What We Do


We consult with our sculpture owners on their desired size and location for a custom built CrossFish®

Exterior Sculpture

Reaching out to passers-by and capturing their attention is a key aspect of the modern CrossFish design.

Interior Sculpture

For sculptures above 24 inches in height, we offer custom design services for placements in interior/foyer settings.


Incorporate a patented (US D527677 S1) CrossFish® into your church entrance and attract new visitors.

Technical Support

We are ready to support your church or business with any questions that may arise.

Our Process

Key to successful placement is the planning stage. We work closely with your church design architect to locate the perfect place and size of your contemporary Christian art.

Each design is unique to the environment where the sculpture is placed. Great care and time are invested in this aspect of the project.

Sculptures of this size and complexity take time to create. Craftsmanship and skilled processes are employed to ensure a successful working design is created.

Teaming with the right professionals, we handle the installation and finish work necessary to place a large sculpture where it will be a landmark for decades.